See and understand your data like never before

Dramatically increase the success of your business

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Easy integration

Seamless integration with your existing databases and systems. Get faster results now.

Real-time Dashboards

Centralize all your performance metrics and get full control of your stores easily.

Take Action

Automatic analyses that drive results, with our extremely intuitive tool.


Meet your new Chief Analyst Officer! Visualize your business performance easily without the need to rely on complex tools or consultants.


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Smart Dashboards

Explore your profits, sales or changes over time, across categories, products and locations, all in one single view. Increase your sales with data-driven insights.

E-mail Statistics

Receive daily performance summaries. Simple and timely reports in your pocket everyday. Know your results wherever you are.


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Compare your locations

Analyze the places you manage quickly and know what you're selling where. Understand unique traits of each store in seconds.

Objectives and Alerts

Easily set your objectives by store, employee or SKUs. Receive timely alerts to identify problems immediately and save (a lot of) money.


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At a glance, identify sucessful and poor performing points-of-sales. Know where to focus your attention and stay ahead of your competition.

Coming (very) soon... Advanced Reports

Gain deeper understanding of your profits and costs. Do detailed analyses by product, stores and more. Automate frequent reports (ex: weekly or monthly sales reports) and export or share it in seconds.

Our clients

Insights that help you grow your business. Earthindicators doesn't just tell where and what is selling, it helps you expand and sell more.



Real time performance control of 9 pharmacies. Overdue alerts, with associated to do lists, sent straight into management team. Better performances with faster and more powerful analyses!

Medical Clinics


Centralized and automatic sales analyses of 15 clinics. Hundreds of hours saved in data analysis, with daily email performance reports. Management and business control from your smartphone.

Food Production


Centralized and automatic analyses for thousands of stores in Brazil. Timely alerts on critical values sent straight to the management team. Better management from anywhere at any time!


"If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough." - Albert Einstein

Earthindicators was built with multi-store locations in mind. View, analyze and execute winning strategies to increase your sales and profits.


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